Commissions!! (Not from me)

pectinouscube just let me know about an artist friend of theirs in need of some funds to pay for a new tablet pen and her school tuition. The offer is $20 for a very pretty, colored digital sketch (no background/full-body sketches; see the banner above for examples). [ profile] xiiau's got some gorgeous pictures up on her tumblr and deviantart that you should totally go check out. Right now! For more details or to commission Xiiau see her post on tumblr. Although she's accepting payments through paypal, I understand that she'd rather discuss the commission first through tumblr. Now if I can only decide what I'd like to ask for/determine if I can afford something... =/

As added incentive (as if the artwork alone wasn't enough!), [ profile] pigeonsoup is offering free prints/buttons/paper crafted piece of your own work if you commission Xiiau. I'd also like to offer short-ish recordings of podfic (or the phonebook. Whatevs.) if you're able to commission her. Or a recording of any length if you're able to track down a replacement Intuos4 pen that can be sent to Hungary (or the equivalent in donations/commissions). [I'll take care of any author negotiations if it's not your own work or by someone who has given blanket permission.]

Monday Morning
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Podfic: ThEy CaN FiX mE PrOpEr WiTh A bIt Of LuCk :o(

Title: ThEy CaN FiX mE PrOpEr WiTh A bIt Of LuCk :o(
Fandom: Homestuck
Text: AO3
Author: [ profile] rainbowbarnacle
Reader: [personal profile] daeseage
Rating: PG (by author, for content. Be warned, however, that Karkat and Gamzee have two of the foulest mouths in any universe.)
Length: 00:19:35; 18 MB
Summary: In which Gamzee falls victim to food poisoning and Karkat has to do some quick thinking in order to help pay the bills on time. Another bit of fluff set in Emily Hu's 4Chords AU.

Mediafire Download

Points: 5+2+10+10+0=27

I first recorded this back around New Year's, when I was sick as a dog with some foul kennel cough my sister brought back with her from basic training. I wanted podfic to keep me company so bad (and I'd been reading my favorite sickfics on repeat), I sat down and read through the whole thing using just the built-in speaker on my laptop in the middle of the night. I'm pretty sure I was feverish, and ought to have been in bed, asleep. This copy, riddled with coughs and nigh unintelligible from feedback and a poorly placed, overworked fan noise, is no longer among the living. Sometime later in January I re-read the whole thing, this time after unearthing an actual microphone and with fewer coughs, although I guess it was when my ears were still wonky because the pacing is totally overcompensating for the fact that I had to concentrate waaaaaay too hard on the enunciation. I still think that it's a bit too slow (and I just realized that I can hear the clock ticking in the background at the beginning. *headdesk*), but hopefully that's alright. =]

I have a bunch of favorite parts in this fic (*cough*thewholedamnthing*cough*), but I had to keep re-doing Gamzee's lines because every time I tried them, I'd bust out laughing. I mean really. Motherfucking Prego.

I would also like to recommend that you don't do the bulk of your editing while sitting in a crowded Starbucks with peppy jazz playing in the house speakers. It's distracting, to say the least. =T

Crossposts: fillapod; amplificathon; [ profile] homestuckpodfic

As usual, please leave any feedback you have in the comments! I would really love to hear your opinion of the recording, especially areas for improvement!

So Apparently I Can Edit. No, Really!

So over at fillapod we're working on assembling a most righteous podfic of Broadcaste System and Quadrant Queries, full-cast style. In the interests of expediting the assembly process, I spent all morning recording the narration for the first couple chapters, then playing hooky from physics at Peet's working on editing in themuffinator3's Dave and Tavros lines recorded last year. Only to realize, when nearly done with the chapter, that I'd forgotten a line. Grargh. I was guess I was laughing so hard at the line about the Low Rider cowbell intro (which took about 17 takes, I swear, because I could not manage it with a straight face/voice) that I accidentally deleted the line before it. Now I have to try to either match the missing line, or redo the whole chapter. Luckily it's less than 5 minutes of narration for the chapter, but it's an entire morning of editing, wasted, and I was planning to work on Unfolding (which I am reeeally behind on. I wanted all the reading done by now) and ThEy CaN FiX mE PrOpEr WiTh A bIt Of LuCk :o( (which I just got permision from [ profile] rainbowbarnacle to post!). =[

On the plus side, I did swing by Barnes and Noble on the way home and pick up a couple books. =D I read some of "The Garden Primer" by Barbara Damrosch last year when I was first planning out the garden, and I've wanted to read "Battle Royale" for ages, so I'm really excited!!

Bonus picture of Ranger being totally pathetic because I'm dicking around on the computer and not playing with him. =OCollapse )

Odd Weekends

This has been one of the most interesting weekends I've had in a while: my parents and sisters were out of town for a soccer tournament in Las Vegas so I had the whole place to myself for the long weekend. Well, myself and three dogs and a cat. All of whom are very needy individuals. =]

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Requests for an Awesome Cause!

I would like to return from several weeks of silence to bring you this important PSA, courtesy of everyone's favorite [ profile] vastderp/Luka on behalf of the awesometastic [ profile] rainbowbarnacle. It's important, yo, but I'm going to guess that most of you have already seen the backstory floating around tumblr, so you can skip on past Luka's orginal post if you want. Feel free to catch up if you need to!

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RainbowBarnacle has written some of my very favorite works in the Homestuck fandom, and her work on [ profile] brainbent has been nothing short of awesome. (Oh the love I have for her Gamzee!!). She's going through some crazy stuff right now, and I want to help out as much as possible with PROJECT LESBISNATCH, and there's only so much I can afford to send (sometime in the near future, when funds clear. =/ ). SO, here's what I'm going to do:

You send funds (whatever you can spare!) via PayPal, to the appropriate party at, and let me know in the comments/via e-mail/telepathy that this has happened. And then I will read you thing(s) of your choice!! Podfic is love, right? You pick your fandom and pick your story, and I'll try my damnedest to take care of things like Characterization and Author Permissions. Please keep in mind, though, that things on the shorter side (if you feel like counting, <1500 words is ideal -- the longer your pick, the longer it will take to get to you!!) and not too graphic (busy house & little sister) will be easiest for me, but you're the boss, and I can't think of anything that's really too squicky when it's for a good cause! =D

Hell, I'll read you the entire restaurants listings in my local phone book or the PROJECT LESBISNATCH: LET’S STEAL THE DYKLERATION OF INDEPENDENCE as quoted above if that's what you really want. And you'll get your very own shiny "Read For: GENEROUS YOU" tag in the intro to the reading. (If you want. That shit's tooooooootally optional.)

"But daeseage!", you ask, "you can barely keep up with all the grand plans you already have! How're you gonna swing this??"

The answer, lovely, generous reader, is that where doing it man

where making this hapen

That's what.

Friday Five

Well, there's still technically a few minutes left of Friday in my timezone, so here's a quick Five to keep me on track.

  1. I finally got to release my very first podfic, and the author, vulturer, seems to really like it. =] I know I shouldn't be so proud, but I totally am. Mostly because they really liked it, and Star, Heart, Horseshoe is one of my very favorite fics. I'm working right now on a Big Bang Theory short series by shinysylver, and trying to decide which fic I'm going to try to get permission for for the Podfic Big Bang. Soooo excted!!
  2. I finally got my prereqs cleared for physics at the community college! Yay me!! Unfortunately the last seat was filled while I was waiting, but I'm confident that someone will drop or I can get an override. I NEED this class!
  3. Since it's already Saturday here now, the rest of these are going to be recs. Please click the links, and I hope you love them as much as I do!!

  4. "Frontierstuck", by ShinjiShazaki. It is pretty much just amazing, with Rose and Kanaya being badass flighty broads, and crossover crazyness with some Full Metal Alchemist-style alchemy. I first found it searching for podfic (the author has recorded the first few chapters, and you can find them here, here, and here. It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
  5. "With the Door Wide Open, No One Can Leave", by angerliz. I can still hardly believe how invested in this one I was. It's Jade, Rose, and Kanaya (with the rest as support floating in the background and generally being secondary-awesome) after the game. This was written for Ladystuck, and as such includes cannon through the latest intermission as history, if you're worried about spoilers. I think I can best describe it as fluffy sadstuck, without giving too much away. And that makes it the very best kind of sadstuck!
  6. Last one for today is "A very Important Day", by cambion. It's a Dave/John fic, and it's really rather remarkable the shear number of fics about he two of them, since I don't really ship it. I mean I do, in the sense that I don't not ship it, but if pressed I would have to say that I don't really see the two of them working out together. THAT SAID there are some abso-bally-lutely fantastic Dave/John fics out there, and this is the most heartbreaking of them all. If you've read Brodad's "Rings", I honestly think this one may top it for shear, aching, totally perfect, there's-nothing-else-I-can-do-about-it levels of sad. =[ Normally I'm all about the lighthearted fluff and the crazy-intricate plot-based fics, but this is an absolutely incredible Dave character-study, and you should go read it right now. Seriously, stop reading this journal entry and click links.

Why are you still here????

Podfic of Star, Heart, Horseshoe
mr. mayor

Title: star, heart, horseshoe
Author: vulturer
Reader: [personal profile] daeseage
Fandom: Homestuck
Pairing: Equius Zahak/Jade Harley/Nepeta Leijon
Rating: General
Length: 0:07:35; 6.96 MB
Link: Mediafire
Summary: Adventure Log, Day 13: today they swam in a lake.

This is my very first podfic, and I could really use whatever sort of feedback you can give me!! There's a serious dearth of Homestuck podfic, and I hope that other folks decide to get into this. =]

I'm also crossposting to [community profile] amplificathon and amplificathon.


First order of business for today is a progress update on Megan's blanket. I'm having a lot of fun working on it, actually. I thought it would be really repetitive to work on such a large project, and it is, a little, but I actually like how the simple pattern lets me focus on other stuff, like reading fics or concentrating on an audiobook/podfic. I'm about 40% done, and just checked out a recording of Neil deGrasse Tyson's "The Pluto Files", so wish me luck!

Here's a photo for you:
Baby Blanket for Megan

The other big thing for today was the tantrum that H threw when I was at work. As mentioned, he has preschool in the mornings, and by the time I get there at 2pm I think it is just too much to ask that he sit and focus on things. I need some fun projects that will keep him awake and involved. I may also speak with his mom about coming a bit later so that he has time to take a nap; his mom says that he doesn't usually sleep during the day, but he's only 5, and I think he really needs one!

Hell, some days I need a nap! =]

Does anyone have any tips for working with preschoolers? This is all really new to me, and I think it's especially tricky in that I'm working at his home, with his mom present, and although he will chatter on and be super talkative in Arabic, I don't have a clue what he's saying 3/4 of the time, and just guess at how the converstation should continue in English. I want to play pretend, which is what I usually did with the kids I babysat for in high school, but I don't know how to go about that, what with the language barrier an' all. Halp?

Back at Last

The last month has been one of the most hectic in a while. There was the near break-down in mid-December, related to finals, the knowledge that I was failing classes, and the fear of not being able to pay for school and living expenses, etc. In the course of 36 hours I made the decision to withdraw from school and move back home for a little while. Although it was kind of ridiculously rash in retrospect, the relief that I felt at being able to shuck a few responsibilities, namely a full course-load and club leadership, was tangible, and honestly the best and least-stressed that I'd felt in weeks. I still had to coordinate moving home with my mom and get through explaining my apparent temporary failure to my dad, but everyone seems glad to have me home, and I'm soooo glad to be here. I miss Reno, and I miss my friends, and I miss some of the independence that I had living on my own, but this seems to be the right choice for me.

I've picked up a couple hours tutoring ESL to a pre-schooler who just moved back to the states from Egypt, and it's really interesting, and a lot of fun!! I'd never really thought of myself as a teacher, and I know that I don't get along with kids as well as my middle sister does (she's got some magic charm where she can get them to do pretty much anything, and they adore her for it. It works on a lot of adults, too. =/ ), but my student seems to like me well enough, and he's learning really quickly! I would actually like to spend more time with him, but his parents enrolled him and his little brother in a Montessori preschool, and really want him to get used to hanging out with other kids his age in a school environment. I still want to go to grad school and be a research Biologist, but I'm leaning more and more towards getting my teaching creditial when I settle somewhere and maybe spending a few years as a middle/high school science teacher. I have this fantasy where if I ever get together with EB, she'll go off to be her wonderful film-library self, and I can follow along to look after the house and make sure that she sleeps enough every night. I think I could do that as a teacher.

And this is where I do a 2X FACEPALM COMBO for being a romantic sap where people I know aren't looking, because I haven't even talked to the woman in a week, and I don't know if she even still wants to be friends. =/ It's totally my fault for not responding to a text last Saturday, but I was sick and had to take care of New Year's fireworks-panicked dogs, and then spent nearly all of last Sunday sick in bed with the worst headache I've had in years. I could have started up the conversation Monday, but I made the excuse that I had to help S pack up and get ready to go back to the army. And Tuesday she texted me to say she got my package, but I was too wrapped up in worrying about my interview and nervousness at talking again that I didn't respond. Wednesday I stared at my phone and went to work, and Thursday I hung out with Chloe and talked about Ladystuck and shared the best works that we've found so far. Friday, I worried some more, but decided that it was time to start in earnest on the housework I decided I'd put myself in charge of as part of compensation for living at home rent-free; I also got a text from EB saying she sent me the package of mix-CDs she'd been putting together since I left Reno. (OK, so maybe she does want to be friends...) and I made goulash for dinner. It was really good, too! Today I sent a her a "sorry I'm a moron" text explaining my tendency to panic over interrupted correspondence (I am the QUEEN of whatever nonsensical panic kingdom, which is why I rarely maintain friendships with people when we stop seeing each other regularly). I haven't heard back, but I'm going to try to keep my end of it up this time.

In other news, as mentioned above I've decided that I'm going to make an effort to keep the house and yard nice. Part of this includes a couple of large projects, like reseeding the back lawn and getting the garden ready for planting. Other parts include daily things like staying on top of the laundry (it's amazing the amount of laundry four people can produce!!) and the dishes. I also want to keep my room and bathroom neat. The latter may be more difficult since I share it with my youngest sister; she's a good kid, but she likes to look nice, and sometimes the counter looks like a hurricane ripped through when she's done getting ready in the morning. I also want to visit my grandma more often, finish a baby blanket for an old friend who's due in April, knit a whole bunch of things for a whole bunch of other people, participate in the [community profile] podficbigbang, do more podficcing in general, get an A in physics (although first I have to jump through flaming hoops at the community college and UNR to prove my prereqs and actually register for the damned class), and not go crazy being back in my hometown. It helps that I've got my own room this time around (my granmother's old room) and have my own space for the first time in about forever. All in all,. I'm looking forward to this year and this term, and I really hope that I can keep my stuff together this time so I can graduate next December and get my grown-up show on the road!



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